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© Bright Samuel Ezeoma wrote:

The term emotional blackmail Doesn't only come to Play between opposite genders as believed By some people. It could happen any how

Below I'll be dropping few notes on what emotional blackmail is, examples, and how to handle the situation when or if it comes up

Emotional blackmail is a style of manipulation on the emotions of a person , it is simply the act of trying to use one's feeling to Control their behavior/actions either By words, body language or expressed energy.

Emotional blackmail-ers intention is to make you go by their will, and as stated above it might come on different ways. .

Here's a conversation between two fiancés
Man:Aren't you coming over tonight
Lady: Babe I'm so stressed out, maybe tomorrow
Man: well. . . if you can't stay with me. . someone else would [Speech]

A conversation between two "Undergoes"

Guy: Tries to kiss the girl (knowing the girl likes him)
Girl : stop
Guy: just say you hate me and I'll go [speech]

A conversation between an instrumentalist and his/her coordinator

Coordinator: are you at church already
Instrumentalist: no sir, I can't make it, I'm ill
Coordinator: God is watching us all[speech]

Conversation between two people
1st person: Please help me with your phone
2nd person: Sorry I can't give it you
1st person: Sighs Its ok
2nd person: are you angry?
1st person: its fine, I said it fine . .

And alot more
How to react and handle EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL
Firstly be sure you're being emotionally blackmailed
When someone is trying to control you using emotions and feelings then you should have a head up

1. Go straight your decision without beating about the bush. . you don't have to explain the reason for your actions everytime No! It give emotional blackmailers hints on how to go about their blackmailing

2. Identify your triggers
Emotional blackmailers tend to push their buttons very quick once they know your triggers
For Example
If you're a person who doesn't like public argument, an emotional blackmailer might threaten to make a scene
So avoid situations like that

3. Compromise by bringing other solutions to the table

So. . .
Have you ever been emotionally blackmailed? Share with us
What did you do?

What's your advice . .
© Ezeoma Bright Samuel
2021-08-12 16:26:24

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