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Afghanistan: Seven Killed In Chaotic Scramble To Escape At Kabul Airport
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Afghanistan: Seven Killed In Chaotic Scramble To Escape At Kabul Airport

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uk: Afghanistan: Seven Killed In Chaotic Scramble To Escape At Kabul Airport

US and other allied troops were struggling to reopen Kabul airport on Monday after seven people were killed in chaotic scenes as desperate civilians converged on the only route out of the capital in the aftermath of the Taliban’s seizure of Kabul.

A day after the group took control of the city, declaring victory after 20 years of war, tens of thousands of Afghans who have been promised resettlement in the west because of their past work with the US, Britain and their allies, remained trapped in the country and in fear for their lives, amid reports of reprisal killings.

In Kabul and cities across the country, Taliban forces asserted control ahead of an expected announcement of an Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in the coming days.

With Kabul airport seemingly close to being overrun, flights were grounded and several people died. Two were killed when they fell from a US military plane that they had tried to cling to as it took off from Kabul. Others appear to have died in the crush on the tarmac.

The US announced it was sending another 1,000 troops to help with the evacuation, and the British another 200.

But video footage of scores of Afghan civilians running alongside the US transporter plane as it taxied through them is likely to haunt Joe Biden, who is reported to have been anxious to avoid echoes of the hurried US escape from Saigon 46 years ago, even as he ordered the total withdrawal from Afghanistan by 11 September.

Kirby confirmed that US troops had shot and killed two gunmen who had opened fire on a crowd of thousands of Afghan civilians who had rushed on to the Kabul airport tarmac in the hope of finding a flight out.

“It’s our understanding that these troops acted on what was perceived to be a real and tangible threat,” the defence department spokesman said, adding there was no evidence that the gunmen were Taliban.
2021-08-16 15:22:07

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