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20 WORDS OF WISDOM by uk   2021-08-17 13:18:52 (said):
1: A man who is intimate by men will not be intimidated by God.
2: If you are too slow when you are young, the future will pass you by.
3: What you do everyday determines your future.
4: When preparation meets opportunity, it becomes a breakthrough.
5: Hardworking + frustration = failure.
6: Never fight a man with grace, because his grace will disgrace you.
7: Sometimes you have to pretend to be fool in order to fool the fools who thinks they are fooling you.
8: Ugliness with good character is better than all the beauty with bad heart.
9: A wise person takes the opportunity to learn from everyone.
10: A child who loves to ask question can never become a fool.
11: None of us is as smart as all of us. We must work together to achieve more.
12: The future belongs to only those who are willing to take risk, not those seeking for comfort.
13: This life is like a journey, it takes you a trip to get to the future.
14: No one is born with a silver phone, but everybody are born to discover their silver spoon.
15. The best legacy to give to a child is education.
16: Illiteracy is not an obstacle to success.
17: You been mocked by your mate, is enough evidence to show how you have gone far from them.
18: You may have huge amount of money, that does not makes you a rich man but the numbers of people you have helped with that money is what makes you a rich man.
19: Everybody are nobody who is trying to be somebody.
20: Is only a fool who prays and wait for his destiny helpers while the wise ones pray and work hard so they can be destiny helpers to others.
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