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Governor Umahi Says Sit-at-home Order In Southeast Is Evil
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Governor Umahi Says Sit-at-home Order In Southeast Is Evil

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uk: Governor Umahi Says Sit-at-home Order In Southeast Is Evil

Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state has stated that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOBcall )’s to sit-at-home is wicked since the organization does not worry about the interests of the Southeast.

The governor said this to reporters in Abakaliki in response to citizens of the region’s determination to implement the order on Monday, August 16, notwithstanding IPOB leaders’ suspension. The leaders of the separatist movement originally called for a sit-in to protest Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest and incarceration. The organization, however, lifted the suspension to allow students to complete their exams.

Following the suspension, the region’s economic operations came to a standstill on Monday, August 16, when banks, markets, and other businesses were deserted.

He threatened to fire government workers who did not show up for work, as well as revoke shop owners’ rights of occupancy if they did not open for business.

He said

“People pretend not to come to work in the name of sit-at-home. Those who say sit-at-home have denounced the exercise, but people also take refuge in that excuse.

I have directed that any civil servant who fails to come to work, it’s automatic dismissal; any site that is not working, the workers are to be dismissed and any shop that is not open, the owners will lose the right occupancy of such stores.

The economy of Southeast will be destroyed by the reason of very few that is self-seeking.

We are known for trade and anyone advocating for sit-at-home in Southeast is evil because Southeast has not caused the problem of anybody.

If anybody is waging war, that war cannot be in Southeast. Our people must understand what is going on. It is not in the interest of the Southeast.

You can’t kill the people and destroy the economy and say you are fighting for the people. We must rise to say no to this evil plan to destroy our economy and destroy our people.”he said.

On the recent killing of a policeman in Ezza South over the weekend, the governor said;

“I keep saying that there is nothing like unknown gunmen. We are killing ourselves. The known gunmen are our people; people being killed are still out people. The Igboman has never been known for this kind of rascality.

Just two days back, a policeman was killed again at Ezza south. The security people that have dedicated their lives to protect us are being killed. It is important that our young men should understand that the future belongs to them and they must not fold their hands and see their future being destroyed.

I think it is time for the people of the Southeast to rise up and say enough is enough”
2021-08-17 19:48:10

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