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My Woman With Superpowers – Olakunle Churchill Gushes Over His Wife Rosy Meurer
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My Woman With Superpowers – Olakunle Churchill Gushes Over His Wife Rosy Meurer

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My Woman With Superpowers – Olakunle Churchill Gushes Over His Wife Rosy Meurer by uk   2021-08-18 11:39:08 (said):
Olakunle Churchill has gushed over his wife Rosy Meurer as he labels her his woman with the superpowers expressing so much love and affection for her as he crushes on her.

Olakunle Churchill claimed Rosy Meurer is his woman crush Wednesday showing her so much love and saying she’s his woman with the superpowers after sharing some beautiful photos of her on his page to make others jealous.

But it appears some netizens weren’t jealous at all but rather made fun of him saying once Rosy Meurer was his sister before she became his daughter and now she’s his woman telling Churchill to make her his last bus stop and not go after any other woman again.

Others were happy for him for finding love again in his sister turned wife saying if one doesn’t work another will work therefore Olakunle Churchill should move on with his life because life is too short and that is exactly what he’s doing right now.

Olakunle Churchill and Rosy Meurer have been criticized a lot especially after they made their relationship public revealing they are married now when they initially claimed they are just brother and sister when they were accused of having an affair while he was still married but today, they seem to be very happy with their decision to come together as husband and wife.

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