Don't Let Anyone Talk You Out From Being With Who You Love!!
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postorous: Don't Let Anyone Talk You Out From Being With Who You Love!! 2021-09-01 03:25:11
"So why are you dating a girl you have no intention of marrying? According to you she's way too short and fat, and not your speck, yet you guys have been together for two years and extremely happy"

This was Dayo,singing his usual sermon to me. Without doubt, Susan had brought me much more happiness than any other person in the world, she understood me, knew when i was angry and when i was sad and could bring out the baby in me with her motherly approach towards things and I loved it.

Our height difference was extremely huge, I mean, I'm three times her height while shes short and fat . most times I felt embarrassed when we walked on the road and she holds my hand, something she always did. Susan didn't even mind even when people looked at us in a funny way.

So what am i doing with a girl that's not my speck? Why did i date her in the first place? Truth be told, I had no answer, maybe her endearing nature caught my attention. We started out as just friends and two ...Text too long. Click [here to view full post]
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