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Don't Let Anyone Talk You Out From Being With Who You Love!!
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Don't Let Anyone Talk You Out From Being With Who You Love!!

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Don't Let Anyone Talk You Out From Being With Who You Love!! by uk   2021-09-01 03:25:11 (said):
"So why are you dating a girl you have no intention of marrying? According to you she's way too short and fat, and not your speck, yet you guys have been together for two years and extremely happy"

This was Dayo,singing his usual sermon to me. Without doubt, Susan had brought me much more happiness than any other person in the world, she understood me, knew when i was angry and when i was sad and could bring out the baby in me with her motherly approach towards things and I loved it.

Our height difference was extremely huge, I mean, I'm three times her height while shes short and fat . most times I felt embarrassed when we walked on the road and she holds my hand, something she always did. Susan didn't even mind even when people looked at us in a funny way.

So what am i doing with a girl that's not my speck? Why did i date her in the first place? Truth be told, I had no answer, maybe her endearing nature caught my attention. We started out as just friends and two days down the line we are still waxing lyrical.

Even My mum had told me on multiple occasions that she hopes I had no intention of marrying Susan.....

. "Hope say na just friends una be, i no go tolerate that dwarf as daughter inlaw, she de like fat pig "My Mother said. As much as I laughed to the Joke, I didn't fancy it. Susan was short,like really short and fat but not the way my mum puts it.

I didn't know how to call things off with Susan so I decided to wait till it's time for my Youth Service, I will just get another babe there and totally forget about her or so i thought.

The night before I left For My NYSC, Susan cried her eyes out and I felt so sorry and guilty at the same time. I hid my tears so she couldn't see them, I Felt a sharp pain in my chest, I didn't imagine I was going to miss Susan that much.

Six months Later and I had already gotten myself a new girlfriend known as Tess,As beautiful and tall as She was, She's the world greatest headache ever, Tess complained about almost everything and anything, she goes through my Phone like she works with the FBI, Tess had friends in every street and my little rented cubicle was always filled with hungry girls,ravaging my indomie.

Susan called me consistently and I still hadn't mustered the courage to tell her i was done with her.

"So Susan,Im sure you have a boyfriend now ba, this one that I'm not around anymore" I said hoping she would say no.

"Murphy, Is that how people behave where you come from? I noticed your attitude changed since you left for service, infact i have been the one calling you consistently all these months and I don't mind, I know corpers don't have money so i don't expect you to call me but asking if i have a boyfriend is a big insult to me. Your body language says you want me out of your life, so just tell me, should I keep waiting or you are done with me"

I had never in my entire life heard Susan sound so serious about something before and it made my heart Skip, I couldn't even bring myself to tell her to move on.

"Baby, see eh, I sent my alawee to my Mother, Let's divide yours into two so I can atleast have something in my pocket"

.This was Tess again and her Usual Begging Pattern, as if I was Under a spell, I gave her the money without hesitation .

Tess is my speck, The Kinda Woman i would love to take home to Mama, I mean, when I sent her pictures to my friends they drooled over her.But was i happy? I mean with Tess it was hard to joke about everything and anything, She was much more concerned about her hair, nails, her appearance most especially.

You see this life, you can never have it all. I didn't wait for anyone else to advise me before jumping into a bus enroute to Ekiti to see the only Woman that makes me Happy,.I wasn't going to waste any more time so I branched by a Mall and got her a ring with which I proposed to her. Mum and all my friends will have to deal with having a short fat pig in my life, she's much more better than a 100 tall Tess!!

#TrueLove knows no gender, no height, size or looks.

#Always remember, love is sweet if true nd genuine...
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