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Programming Languages: Rust Developers Earn Higher Salaries, But It's Not All Good News
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Programming Languages: Rust Developers Earn Higher Salaries, But It's Not All Good News

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uk: Programming Languages: Rust Developers Earn Higher Salaries, But It's Not All Good News 2021-09-17 16:26:32pm
Looking at salary by programming language, professionals who use Rust received the highest average pay -- over $180,000 -- followed by Go ($179,000), and Scala ($178,000).

While Python was most dominantly put to work among survey respondents, professionals who reported using this language earned around $150,000.

Explaining the differences in pay, the report's author, Mike Loukides, said proficient Rust developers were harder to come by, making them more valuable to organizations. "There's a huge demand for Python programmers, but there's also a huge supply," Loukides told ZDNet.

"There are boot camps turning out Python programmers by the thousands; it's become the standard language for introductory CS in college; and it's one of two languages that are typically used for data analysis in the sciences. For Rust and Go, the demand is smaller, but the supply is much smaller."

He added: "Rust and Go are leading-edge languages with a lot of buzz around them. If you're claiming Rust and Go competence, you're showing that you've gone beyond the basics, whether or not they're actually required for the job."

When comparing salary by tool and platform, the highest salaries were associated with H2O ($183,000), KNIME ($180,000), Spark NLP ($179,000), and Spark MLlib ($175,000). This was followed by PyTorch ($166,000), TensorFlow ($164,000), and scikit- learn ($157,000).


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