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SAD!! 4 Children Of Abia Couple Who Died After Eating Suya Set For Burial
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SAD!! 4 Children Of Abia Couple Who Died After Eating Suya Set For Burial

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uk: SAD!! 4 Children Of Abia Couple Who Died After Eating Suya Set For Burial 2021-09-17 18:31:17pm

All is now set for the burial of four children of Mr. & Mrs. Chibuzor Ikwunze, of Umuagu, Umuhu Ohuhu in Umuahia North local government of Abia State who lost their lives recently under mysterious circumstances in one day, IgbereTV has learned.

The four children are, Kelechi Chibuzor 12, Sunday Chibuzor 10, Oluomachi Chibuzor (f) 8, and Kingsley Chibuzor 3.

They were among the seven persons who passed on recently in the state after allegedly eating the local barbecue, popularly known as suya on August 25, 2021 in Umuahia.

Family source told ABN TV that their burial with take place on Saturday, September 18, 2021 at their home town, Umuhu Ohuhu in Umuahia North.

The source says their bodies will leave City Gate at Mortuary at 9am to their home town.

Goodnews Pentecostal Church will conduct a service in honour of the late kids at Umuagu Central School at 10am after which they will be laid to rest.

The state government had ordered that autopsy be conducted on their bodies to ascertain the cause of their death.

Though the outcome is yet to be made public, there are speculations that they may have died of smoke from a generator set which was powered near their room the night they passed on.

They had during the recent holidays visited a family friend, Mr. Sunday Ogbah at Umuaeze in Umuahia North when the sad incident occurred.

Mr. Ogbah himself along with two children also died mysteriously. Only his wife and daughter survived.

Wife of Abia State governor, Mrs. Nkechi Ikpeazu had on Friday sent a delegation led by her Principal Secretary, Mrs. Love Ezema to commiserate with the family over the loss.

She made a donation of undisclosed amount to help the family organize the burial of the children.


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