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Preachers Should Pay Pentecost Tax —VP Osinbajo
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Preachers Should Pay Pentecost Tax —VP Osinbajo

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uk: Preachers Should Pay Pentecost Tax —VP Osinbajo 2021-09-18 16:02:23pm
Prof Yemi Osinbajo has advised preachers in Nigeria to pay Pentecost Tax.

The Nation’s Vice President who is also a clergyman spoke in Lagos on Friday during an event. Osinbajo said persons who succeed in their endeavours owe society three forms of taxes. He explained that the first is income taxes (personal income tax), and corporation tax for company owners.

The second, he noted, is a social tax or philanthropy, which is the obligation of the wealthy to give back to society. “The third tax is a civic tax; the obligation of the successful to write their stories, to share the histories of the phenomena they have become.

But for the successful preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is the fourth tax, this is the Pentecost Tax”, he said.


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