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We 'll Crush Anyone Standing Against Biafra Freedom - Simon Ekpa
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We 'll Crush Anyone Standing Against Biafra Freedom - Simon Ekpa

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uk: We 'll Crush Anyone Standing Against Biafra Freedom - Simon Ekpa 2021-09-18 17:16:38pm
#IgbereTV #biafra #simonekpa #ekpa #simon

"It is very sad and disturbing that some of you don't even understand that we are leaving Nigeria. You're complaining about the sit-at-home. You are complaining about people not taking exams. You're complaining about this, you're complaining about that.

"You are yet to wake up from your slumber or your sleep and get the point that we are exiting Nigeria. Exiting Nigeria is not going to come on the platter of gold.

"You have to sacrifice for it. And we are ready to sacrifice everything including you if you come and stand in the way of freedom. So, you need to know how serious we are. We are damn serious.

"You think we are here to build political movement? We are for freedom. Freedom comes with price. The only thing you can do is to comment on social media. Don't ever stand in the way of Biafra freedom, we'll crush you."

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