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Nobody On Earth Needs An IPhone13. Absolutely No One
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Nobody On Earth Needs An IPhone13. Absolutely No One

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uk: Nobody On Earth Needs An IPhone13. Absolutely No One 2021-09-18 17:27:54pm
An iPhone 13 is a status symbol. Don’t let peer pressure rob you off your real treasure. If your old phone works, use it. you don’t need a new phone. You need a new investment. Invest. Don’t impress!

Below are 10 Things You Can Invest in Instead of an iPhone13:

A plot of land in a low cost area
40 bags of rice at a rural area to sell at a profit in an urban area
Trade in forex
Buy 3 Microsoft shares
Buy 6 Apple shares
Rent a one bedroom and use it for Airbnb
Buy treasury bonds
Start a POS business
Join lendingclub and earn money lending money to people who are guaranteed to repay
Invest in a course and learn an income generating skill

#RenosNuggets #FreeLeahSharibu

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