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"I Want To Run Back To USA, Nigerians Now Hate Me Too Much" – Boma Cries Out
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postorous: "I Want To Run Back To USA, Nigerians Now Hate Me Too Much" – Boma Cries Out 2021-09-18 17:32:56pm
#BBNaija: "I want to run back to USA, Nigerians now hate me too much" – Boma cries out

When Sunday Scoop asked him he would return to the United States of America or stay back in Nigeria, he retorted, “Stay here and do what? I can only go back and forth; I cannot stay here. I am a member of the screen actors guild in the US and I have a bright future there.”

Continuing, he recalled how he had to be spirited out of his hotel by 2am to escape people who had laid siege on him.

“Some people have been calling my family members to threaten me. When I first got out of the house, it was 100 per cent hatred (for me). But now, people are starting to show me love. I didn’t have sx with Tega. I kissd and rOmanced (sic) but there was no penetration. I learnt that there were over 500 people waiting for me at the office (MultiChoice). It was really dangerous for me outside. Because of that, I had to be moved to my hotel around 2am in the morning. I was told I got over 10,000 hate...Text too long. Click [here to view full post]

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