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Crypto Is A Side Hustle, Not A Life Or Death Situation
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uk: Crypto Is A Side Hustle, Not A Life Or Death Situation 2021-09-19 02:59:13am
There is no way to know your limit height in life if you never attempt, yet there is always a boundary to what an individual is capable of doing in any situation.
To enjoy your wealth, you must be physically and emotionally fit, not the other way around. Nobody enjoys his or her money unless they are in good health.
It is your primary responsibility as an investor to look after your health; investing in cryptocurrency should never put your life at risk; your investment should always prioritize your health because selling your properties, life savings, and everything into crypto is a foolish thing to do. What happens in a bear market, and then unanticipated health issues arise? How do you deal with this? It's sweet to invest in cryptocurrency because of the enormous return, but you can only enjoy that as a healthy investor; you can't enjoy your Lambo if you're sick.

I was reading through a thread on one particular board, but I couldn't find the link to the thread where the OP state...Text too long. Click [here to view full post]

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