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Crypto Is A Side Hustle, Not A Life Or Death Situation
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Crypto Is A Side Hustle, Not A Life Or Death Situation

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uk: Crypto Is A Side Hustle, Not A Life Or Death Situation 2021-09-19 02:59:13am
There is no way to know your limit height in life if you never attempt, yet there is always a boundary to what an individual is capable of doing in any situation.
To enjoy your wealth, you must be physically and emotionally fit, not the other way around. Nobody enjoys his or her money unless they are in good health.
It is your primary responsibility as an investor to look after your health; investing in cryptocurrency should never put your life at risk; your investment should always prioritize your health because selling your properties, life savings, and everything into crypto is a foolish thing to do. What happens in a bear market, and then unanticipated health issues arise? How do you deal with this? It's sweet to invest in cryptocurrency because of the enormous return, but you can only enjoy that as a healthy investor; you can't enjoy your Lambo if you're sick.

I was reading through a thread on one particular board, but I couldn't find the link to the thread where the OP stated that no matter how hungry he was, he would not sell his bitcoin. Yes, he may be correct; that is the true power of diamond hands; however, this should not come at the expense of your health. I'm not saying you should sell all your bitcoin and eat healthy food, but I am advising you not to go hungry because it lowers your good health rate.

There are many unusual things we do that are harmful to our health; avoiding these will not only improve your health but will also help you maintain your physical and daily activities. These are the irregularities that we used to overlook in this space.

Not getting enough sleep: After staying all day, staring at your computer screen, trying to determine the next market movement, burning all of your energy chatting the trend with many lines and trying to explore the next thing that will double your portfolio, but failing to get some sleep after the daily routine, you are not only pushing your health to the wall, but you are also slowing down your immune system.
Getting adequate sleep sharpens your intellect, boosts your mood, and keeps you calm when making crucial decisions.

Not eating well: This is part is very crucial; food is an important part of life and having a delicious brunch and a balanced diet won't cost you much. You don't want to stay at your table all day sipping coffee; instead, have some nice, high-quality meals after work. You don't want to seem thin like a cancer patient.

Take a stroll and exercise: Some individuals are naturally introverted, so getting out might be difficult for them. However, this should not prevent you from exercising; sitting in one location for an extended period can make your job uninteresting and inefficient.

Don't quit your main work: so you invested some money and made a lot of money in a short amount of time and you chose to quit your job is a stupid decision. You might be lucky in a bull market and gain a lot of money, but the same can be lost in a bear market, leaving you with the option of holding with a loss because you need that job to survive the winter, and winters are always long. Make no steps that will cause you to second-guess yourself.

Stay healthy and keep learning.

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