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Best Way To Excel In Bitcoin And Relevant Forum Like (postorous.com)
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Best Way To Excel In Bitcoin And Relevant Forum Like (postorous.com)

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uk: Best Way To Excel In Bitcoin And Relevant Forum Like (postorous.com) 2021-09-19 03:11:22am
You will agree with me that patience is what drives someone to achieve good things in their endeavors.
This patience is seen from when one is introduced to an organization and forum that has rules & Regulations,
Do (s) & Don't, generally referred to as Instructions.

To excel as a newbie, then you have to:

1. Get yourself familiar with what the platform is all about by reading about it first in your own language,
or being enlightened by the person that introduce you (if you were).
2. Read all the rules that govern such a forum so as not to fall victim to some which attract punishments.
3. Acknowledge a problem that you feel is persistent and seen occurring daily and be able to prefer solution
to it in your own way.
4. Understand a given problem stated by someone so as to know the best contribution you can add to them.
5. Always bear at the back of your mind that, there is a reward for good works, and such come when there are
positive contributions and not on hasty basis.
6. The best you can do is to choose someone to follow, whose step and footprint in the forum is what you wish to
attain, then you see what he/she does so that you attain that.
7. When their is understanding and good knowledge, then one can prosper in the bitcoin and crypto world, so
you will see that patience will make you attain more desired heights.

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