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Angel And Liquorose's Brewing Beef – The Possible Cause
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Angel And Liquorose's Brewing Beef – The Possible Cause

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uk: Angel And Liquorose's Brewing Beef – The Possible Cause 2021-09-19 15:20:06pm
#bbnaija - Angel and Liquorose's brewing beef – The possible cause.

There seems to be growing tension between Liquorose and Angel and we think it might be because of Emmanuel.

Emmanuel and Liquorose have been a very stable ship in the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ House. Even though the two have often told Biggie they are just really good friends and nothing more, they have been caught having very seductive moments filled with smooching and kisses.😏

What good friends they are right?😁

Whatever the case may be, many of their fellow Housemates feel their ship is lopsided because Liquorose is assumed to be more invested in their ship than Emmanuel.

Also some of the female Housemates have accused Emmanuel of being a big flirt who may just be playing Liquorose. Maria and Angel shared this perspective and always held it against Emmanuel.

Unbeknownst to them, Liquorose and Emmanuel had come up with a plan for Emmanuel to flirt with all the ladies in the House so that they would not nominate him for Eviction. Of all the ladies Emnnauel is believed to have flirted with, Angel seems to be the only one who has had a form of reciprocation.

She has been spotted flirting with Emmanuel on occasions and is even rumoured to have a plan to ‘meet’ him outside the House.👀

Despite her flirtatious moves, Angel has constantly maintained Emmanuel is a player and a two timing fellow. Her suspicions were heightened when Liquorose was given the Task by Biggie to avoid Emmanuel last week. She was so sure Liquorose had seen the light and was quite delighted about it when she spoke to Biggie in her DIary Sessions.

Obviously that excitement was dashed when it was revealed it was all a prank. However, it seems something is off between Liquorose and Angel. It also seems some of the Housemates are catching up on the difference in their attitude towards each other. Yousef had to question Angel yesterday if there was anything going on between her and Liquorose.

Could Liquorose have caught wind of Angel's flirtatious exchanges with Emmanuel? This is quite odd if that’s the case seeing as she and Emmanuel hatched the plan for him to be flirtatious. Could it be that her feelings for Emmanuel has gone deeper than it used to be?

So many questions, so little answers. If Angel survives the Evictions tonight we can’t wait to see the drama that may be brewing between these two.

source: #bbnaija official site.

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