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Pandemonium As Unknown Gunmen Attack Passengers In Abia
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Pandemonium As Unknown Gunmen Attack Passengers In Abia

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uk: Pandemonium As Unknown Gunmen Attack Passengers In Abia 2021-09-20 12:37:10pm
An unspecified number of gunmen in the early hours of Monday attacked passengers traveling along Ohafia-Uzuakoli-Umuahia Road, in Abia State and injured a yet-to-be-ascertained number of them, IgbereTV has learned.

According to ABN TV, the passengers were traveling from Ohafia to Umuahia when the incident happened. The gunmen had laid ambush at the popular Ugwu Rubber, near Igbere in Bende local government area from where they attacked the passengers.

The passengers were said to have escaped with varying injuries.

As at the moment of this report, IgbereTV could not ascertain if there was any casualty resulting from the attack.

All efforts to speak with the Abia state Police PRO proved abortive.

Stay with IgbereTV, Africa's No1 Online Community TV.
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