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I Don’t Know How Much Senators Earn, I’ve Never Received Salary — Okorocha
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I Don’t Know How Much Senators Earn, I’ve Never Received Salary — Okorocha

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uk: I Don’t Know How Much Senators Earn, I’ve Never Received Salary — Okorocha 2021-09-20 17:14:00pm
#Okorocha #salary

Former Governor and Senator representing Imo West, Chief Rochas Okorocha, has disclosed that he had never received a dime as salary from the National Assembly, since becoming a Senator, over two years ago.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja, the senator said he denied knowledge of how much in particular, a Senator receives as basic salary or allowances every month.

According to him, the Management of the National Assembly had his express approval from the beginning of his tenure as Senator, to channel his monthly salaries and other allowances into charity, which he said was initially objected to, by the Management.

“I have never received salary as a Senator. Even as a Governor of Imo State, I didn’t draw a penny for the years I spent. I hate public funds. One thing about public funds is that, if you don’t work for it, don’t collect it because it has spiritual implications.

I don’t know how much a Senator earns. But I think the basic salary is around N2m, but allowance is around N3m for housing, then transportation and other allowances put together to be around N10m or N11m, not too sure,” he said.

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