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Bandits Abduct Intending Couple Four Days To Their Wedding In Ekiti, Demand N50million
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Bandits Abduct Intending Couple Four Days To Their Wedding In Ekiti, Demand N50million

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uk: Bandits Abduct Intending Couple Four Days To Their Wedding In Ekiti, Demand N50million 2021-09-21 11:24:57am
#instablog9ja #wedding #Ekiti #couple #Bandits


One Olayinka Peter Oloketuyi and his fiancée, Jimoh Adejoke Sidikat, have been abducted by gunmen along Ilasa-Ayebode road in Ekiti State.

The intending couple were abducted at about 4:30pm on Sunday, September 20, 2021, by gunmen who later contacted their family to demand a whopping N50million ransom.

According to reports, they were returning from Ado-Ekiti, where they had gone to purchase some commodities in preparation for their wedding slated for September 24 and 25, when they were abducted.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Ekiti Command, ASP Sunday Abutu, who confirmed the abduction said men of the command alongside Amotekun and local hunters have been drafted to the area to ensure the release of the victims.

According to him, “We learnt that the couple came to Ado Ekiti and were returning to their base when they were picked up by gunmen. Immediately we got the report, the Police Commissioner, Tunde Mobayo mobilised our men and officers to the surrounding forests.

As I speak, our men are working in conjunction with Amotekun Corps, local hunters and vigilante group combing the forests to free the victims.”

Abutu, however revealed that three persons had been arrested in connection with the incident, adding that those arrested are being detained at the police headquarters for further investigation.

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