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Nigeria's Resolve To Remain One Is Unshakable — Lai Mohammed
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Nigeria's Resolve To Remain One Is Unshakable — Lai Mohammed

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uk: Nigeria's Resolve To Remain One Is Unshakable — Lai Mohammed 2021-09-21 11:39:38am
#unshakable #Lai #Mohammed

The Minister Of Information And Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Has Said Nigeria’s Resolve To Remain As One Indivisible Entity Is Unshakable, In Spite Of The Various Challenges Facing The Nation. He Disclosed This At The Opening Of ‘Nigeria At 60 Photo Exhibition With The Theme “60 Years Of Our Togetherness,” On Monday, September 20. According To Him, “The Theme Of The Photo Exhibition Has Been Carefully Couched To Reflect The Unity Of This Great Country In The Past 60 Years, Despite Its Diverse Cultures, Traditions, Practices, Languages And Challenges. Like Other Countries In The World, It Is An Incontrovertible Fact That Nigeria, Over The Years, Has Gone Through Challenging Times, But We Must Not Miss The Fact Of Its Resolve To Remain One Indivisible Entity.”

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