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Crypto Is Increasingly Being Used For Criminal Activities
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Crypto Is Increasingly Being Used For Criminal Activities

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uk: Crypto Is Increasingly Being Used For Criminal Activities 2021-09-21 16:13:12pm
We all know that because of the level of anonymousity of crypto identity by users, it has increasingly being hijacked by criminals for laundry and scam activities. It has become a tool of kidnappers and extortionists that is contrary to civilization.

We all know that very few people are using Bitcoin to pay their bills, but some people are using it to buy drugs or subvert elections. Research shows that illicit activity accounts for less than 1 percent of the overall transactions,of that small portion, scam make up the overwhelming majority of cryptocurrency related crime including money laundering, terrorism, trafficking, or other unlawful activities.

One of the most widespread but false notions about crypto is that it is mostly used by bad actors for illicit financing: https://blog.coinbase.com/fact-check-crypto-is-increasingly-being-used-for-criminal-activity-and-is-a-haven-for-illicit-856a71dfb399
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