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Share Your Costly Lesson About Cryptocurrency..
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Share Your Costly Lesson About Cryptocurrency..

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uk: Share Your Costly Lesson About Cryptocurrency.. 2021-09-21 16:16:55pm

As the title says, please share your costly lesson about cryptocurrency. So others users could take a lesson from your story and they would get the advantage of it without losing anything.

When we learn a lesson, most of the time we lose something. And there are a few losing stories where we lost a lot and that's the reason why I consider this kind of lesson ad a costly lesson. I had shared previously my story, I will just remind it shortly.

In 2017 I had almost 1.5BTC and I hadn't sold even Bitcoin was around $19K above. So we know the Bitcoin dump story. Since Bitcoin was dumped too much I wondered to increase portfolio by trading or holding alts. So I just choose a few shitcoin. Some of them were delisted from the exchange, so I moved all-in single shitcoin. Sadly that's shitcoin is totally useless. Perhaps it's worth $1K in the current market. So it was a costly lesson for me. Don't choose a shitcoin for investing purposes. Just invest in Bitcoin and hold it. You will never regret it at all.

What is your costly lesson?

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