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"I'm Beginning To Lose Trust In Him" - Queen To Angel Over Her Issue With White Money
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"I'm Beginning To Lose Trust In Him" - Queen To Angel Over Her Issue With White Money

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uk: "I'm Beginning To Lose Trust In Him" - Queen To Angel Over Her Issue With White Money 2021-09-21 17:47:04pm

Late-night conversation among the housemates is pretty common and with this, they tend to gist each other the issue they have with their fellow housemates and while doing this, Queen went to Angel's bed where she talked about her issue with White Money.

White Money finally told Queen he kissed ex-housemates, JMK and he telling Queen that made her question why Whitemoney kept lying to her as she didn't have an idea of him and JMK until recent which she noticed.

Even though she's not stopping him from having emotional attachment as he's a human, Queen wants White Money to be open to her especially as they are friends and not her constantly asking him but says no while in front of the housemates, he says Yes. She went on to tell Angel she's pissed because White Money warned her from kissing someone (Cross) and if she continues doing that, he's done.

Queen wasn't pleased finding out he's doing the same thing she doesn't want her to do. When White Money does his own, he feels very relaxed but the opposite when she's doing hers, he usually gets pissed.

This made her dodge kissing Cross in other not to make White Money feel bad but she realising he kissed JMK makes her feel he's lying especially as Queen sees him as an honest person and with that, she's beginning to lose trust in him as they are currently having an issue unsolved.

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