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Could Whitemoney Be Trying To Pass A Message To Queen?
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Could Whitemoney Be Trying To Pass A Message To Queen?

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uk: Could Whitemoney Be Trying To Pass A Message To Queen? 2021-09-21 17:52:16pm

Read their conversation below.

Big Brother Naija is getting more tensed as the show is approaching the end. The housemates who were up to 22 with another 4 new housemates are now reduced to 9. Among these 9 housemates, one of them is expected to carry 90 million naira home. Whitemoney and Queen are Among the 9 housemates who are still challenging for the 90 million.

When Whitemoney was trying to settle his difference with Queen yesterday night he keeps reminding her of the reason why they are in the house and why she should be observant of this coming week. They are both up for eviction with other housemates, two out of the six housemates up for eviction might leave on Sunday and that is what Whitemoney is more focused on right now.

When he was having the conversation with Queen, he kept on saying that she should try and avoid a fight with him, that she can fight with any other housemates but she should please do not pick a fight with him at these crucial moments.

Could Whitemoney be trying to pass a message to Queen by saying that?

Whitemoney may have come to realize that he might be the viewers' favorite. He probably must have noticed that Queen hanging around him has been helping her. If Queen picks up fight with Whitemoney, that might mean the two of them staying apart in the show which might means Whitemoney and Queen's followers separating too.

He knows that will not be good for Queen. They are all up for eviction and he will not be able to look out for her. He genuinely cares about Queen and what her to stay in the house till the final day.

I think Queen will need to be calm till the end of the show. The show is approaching the end and she would need as many votes as she could get to survive.

The show is now tough because most of the housemates that are remaining have followers. Whitemoney is probably looking out for her by sounding those warnings.

What do you think ???

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