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postorous: ARC8 REACHED 100K USERS IN LESS THAN 24HOURS! 2021-09-23 05:33:46am
Yesterday, we launched Arc8 Mining, a pre-launch app to get GMEE to users before the final launch of the Arc8 platform.
Today, not even 24 hours after that, we’ve already surpassed 100.000 registered users!! That is the first milestone set for the 4 weeks of the Mining Event.

GMEEs available to be mined has now increased from 250,000 to a whooping 650,000. That’s not all: now users can get a maximum of 25GMEEs each, from the 10GMEEs limit from the launch.
In order to keep up with the growth, the mining rate has been halved from 0.04 GMEE/h to 0.02 GMEE/h, allowing for more users to mine and have enough balance to enjoy the full experience of Arc8 at the end of October!



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