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Headmaster Brutalizes Student For Helping A Fellow Student
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Headmaster Brutalizes Student For Helping A Fellow Student

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uk: Headmaster Brutalizes Student For Helping A Fellow Student 2021-09-24 11:46:27am
Headmaster brutalizes student for helping a fellow student
The headmaster of Jachie Pramso Senior High School has been slammed by internet users after photos of the brutalized body of a student of the school was shared online by her grandfather, Mr. Ofosu.

The student, Mary Gabriel Amoako, an 18-year-old WASSCE candidate of the school was allegedly mercilessly flogged on Thursday, September 2, 2021, by the headmaster leaving her body with bruises. Photos shared online show the welts on her back and shoulder due to the flogging.

Mr. Ofosu explained that the headmaster had seized the cardigan of one of the students because he was not wearing the school uniform beneath his sweater. This left the student bare-chested prompting other students to plead with the victim to give her cardigan to the boy until he was able to get a school uniform.

The headmaster upon seeing the boy with another cardigan got infuriated and summoned the students to know whose cardigan he was wearing. A student out of fear of being punished collectively was said to have pointed at Mary as the person who had given out her cardigan, and the rest of the students were freed.

The headteacher reportedly asked Mary to hold on to a pillar and flogged her back with a cane. According to Mary, she did not see any justification for the headmaster’s action and has not been herself since the brutal beating.

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