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Police Reportedly Arrests And Beats A UNIUYO Graduate To Death
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Police Reportedly Arrests And Beats A UNIUYO Graduate To Death

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uk: Police Reportedly Arrests And Beats A UNIUYO Graduate To Death 2021-09-24 11:58:07am
A graduate of the University of Uyo, simply identified as Kubiat was allegedly arrested and beaten to death by men of the Nigerian police force, (B division, Ewet Housing estate) in Akwa Ibom state.

According to one Christiana Sunday who shared the story on Facebook, the deceased student who was preparing to go for NYSC by November 2021, was arrested by the police at Eni stores at about 7 pm on Sunday, August 29, and was accused of armed robbery.

Kubiat who is said to be the only son of his aged parents was allegedly taken to the police station where he was tortured to death the same night of his arrest.

His friends who heard of his arrest were said to have gone in search of him in various police stations but were told that they had no record of such arrest. His body was eventually found at the Ikot Akpan police headquarters mortuary after his aunt put a call across to some government officials who used their affluence to ascertain his whereabouts.

The police reportedly found out they had arrested the wrong person after beating him to death and proceeded to deposit his body at the mortuary.

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