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Postorous Previous Post: Family Kill And Bury Their Son, For Being Too Stubborn, In Imo State
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uk: DO YOU AGREE WITH THIS WRITER? 2021-09-24 12:41:35pm

I came across people making a mockery of the Naira vs the dollar in the last 48 hours and I have being laughing since then, is the currency exchange rate a yardstick for the basic cost of living comparison? I am not happy that our Naira is depreciating always but hey....it is not that bad and this is why

1. N500 can buy me 2 square meals in Nigeria but $1 can't buy you a meal in the US.

2. N500 can buy me a 1.6gb worth of data in Nigeria but $1 can't buy you a 250mb of data in the US. T-Mobile charges N32,500 for a 30gb of data, AT&T charges N37,500 for a 30gb of data, Verizon also charges N40,000 for same 30gb of data in the US. Glo charges me N10,000 for 50gb and MTN charges me N10,000 for 40gb of data.

3. A 75cl bottle of water in Nigeria cost an average N100, a 55cl bottle water in the US is $1.45 which is N725.

4. The most expensive place to live in Abuja is Aso Drive, a single room cost N400,000 per month, same room goes for N350,000 in Lekki all in Nigeria. Same room in Manhattan, New York City goes for N1.8 million per month.

5. N500 can buy me a dudu osun bathing soap and a Vaseline for the harmattan season, $1 can't do same in the US.

6. N500 can buy me 3 litres of fuel in Nigeria, $1 can only buy you 1.3 litre of fuel in US.

7. It cost an average N180 daily to earn a degree in Nigeria, it cost an average N1,650 a day to earn same in the US.

Keep Insulting Yourself Thinking You Are Insulting Nigeria.


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