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WhiteMoney Is A Great Guy But He Will Not Win BBNaija — Native Doctor
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WhiteMoney Is A Great Guy But He Will Not Win BBNaija — Native Doctor

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uk: WhiteMoney Is A Great Guy But He Will Not Win BBNaija — Native Doctor 2021-09-26 04:47:55am
Obioma Chukwu a young native doctor has taken to his Facebook page to inform the supporters of #BBNaija housemate Whitemoney that their favorite will make it to the last but he will not be the winner of the show.

In his words he said👇

I saw where some group of people gather and when I asked what is going on here? I was told that this are supporters of Whitemoney in a show but they angry because they thought he would have be the winner of the show.

A young black man who nobody never thought that will win the show was the one who won the game, the gods never show me something and another thing happen.

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