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Nigerian Woman Dies 5 Weeks To Her Wedding
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Nigerian Woman Dies 5 Weeks To Her Wedding

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uk: Nigerian Woman Dies 5 Weeks To Her Wedding 2021-09-26 12:10:30pm
Friends and family members have been thrown into mourning following the death of a young woman five weeks to her wedding in Adamawa state.

The deceased identified as Alice Liman and her fiancé, Kadama Birgamus were set to tie the knot in Yola South Local Government Area on October 30th, 2021.

Details about her death are still sketchy but it was gathered that she died few hours ago after a brief illnes.

One Samuel Mombol, who had earlier shared the wedding invite saying that the union "shall end in praise" took to Facebook on Sunday, September 26, to announce the sad development.

"Though it's sad on our own way to have lost our bride to be, yet we judged God faithful over everything. We pray for solace to her family and our brother Mr Kadams Birgamus. It is well" he wrote.

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