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JUST IN: Gulder Ultimate Search Unveils 20 Contestants (See Photos)
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JUST IN: Gulder Ultimate Search Unveils 20 Contestants (See Photos)

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Uk mentioned @Gideon in a post:

uk: JUST IN: Gulder Ultimate Search Unveils 20 Contestants (See Photos) 2021-09-27 18:37:00pm
20 Gulder Ultimate Search contestants have been unveiled for this year’s edition of the reality TV show.

The host for GUS 2021, Gideon Okeke, on Sunday, announced that out of the 20 contestants only 16 have made it to the jungle, while the others will serve as wildcards on the show.

They were selected from the 20,000 applicants with regional screenings in Abuja, Enugu, and Lagos. which lasted for four days.

Alumnus of the show, Kunle Remi, will be the Taskmaster for this year’s edition of the competition.

The 16 contestants who will venture into the jungle are Adewale Adedamola Thompson, Chidinma Okeibe, Damilola Odedina, Emmanuel Nnebe, Estima Edem, Gerald Odeka, Tosin Eniola, and Umorean Iniabasi.

Others are Jennifer Okorie, Mfom Mikel Essien, Tubuchukwu, and Olayinka Omeya, Omokhafe Racheal, Solomon Yankari, Opeyemi Ishmael, and Orevapghene Godswill.

The four contestants that are placed on wildcards are Samson Abah, Odudu Otu, Shalom Omoikhudu, and Osasere Ogbanile.

Meanwhile, Okeke noted that although four contestants have been placed as wildcards, one of them would be returned based on the viewers’ votes.

The voting lines were opened at 12am on Monday and would last for 24 hours.

Read More here: https://www.gbextra.com.ng/just-in-gulder-ultimate-search-unveils-20-contestants-see-photos/

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