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Saga Diary Session
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Saga Diary Session

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uk: Saga Diary Session 2021-09-28 05:03:24am
1} I'm feeling awesome and great even though this has been my most stressful week in the BBNaija house.

2} my nights were bad and I felt lonely when Nini disappeared.

3} NINI's disappearance was so emotional for me and it felt like de*th.

4} my chancing of making it to the finale is 60/100% chance.

5} I have a lot of faith in myself and my God that I can win the show.

6} I think I've been able to sell myself alot to the viewers that I'm Creative, Funny and Dramatic.

7} my relationship ended a month before coming into the house.

8} I don't know my level right now but I know my life can never remain the same after the show.

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