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What You Should Know As A Fresher To Avoid Stories That Touch The Heart.
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What You Should Know As A Fresher To Avoid Stories That Touch The Heart.

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uk: What You Should Know As A Fresher To Avoid Stories That Touch The Heart. 2021-09-28 13:08:23pm
1. There is no mark for attendance list, don't kill yourself.
2. Buying of textbook is not compulsory, there is no mark for buying textbook.
3. It is your right to apply for remarking if you are not convinced with your results
4. Don't fight or slap anyone in unical no matter how provoked you are. They do not check who started the quarrel, they check who attacked first. Expulsion from the university is real
5. Do not stay under a tree with any boy or girl at night
6. As a fresher, avoid Cameroon. If you must go there, let it not be in the night
7. Avoid too much campus fellowships, at least 2 is OK.
8. Don't enter the bush with anybody, even if the person is related to you.
9. Avoid cultism to the core.
10. As a fresher, don't start by having many relationships. I know you have been looking for freedom to do whatever you want.
11. Avoid entering unknown vehicles anyhow
12. Don't spend a day without reading your books.
13. Night class is good. But please don't go to night class with your phone or any other expensive belonging... You can get a Mini phone for urgent calls.
14. Past questions will help you a lot during exams
15. Report any cases of threat to the surveillance
16. You have equal right just like any other student. There is no seniority for undergraduates in unical. Seniority is only displayed in Students' organization. Seniority only exist in Medicine, Law and Dentistry. Respect your colleagues
17. Do not insult or harass any lecturer
18. Always pray before going to school. School is an rendezvous for different spirits, both living and dead. Watch and pray
19. Don't eat anyhow
20. Be neatly dressed
21. If you don't take alcohol and weed, avoid friends that take it. You can never change them, don't make the mistake of joining them
23. Nobody can alter your grades. If you are not convinced, apply for review/remarking
24. Assignments may not count. But do it, they are very important.
26. Practicals count. Assessments count. Tests count. Don't miss any of these
27. Be truthful.

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