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CROSS Diary Session
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CROSS Diary Session

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uk: CROSS Diary Session 2021-09-28 13:13:24pm

1} I feel very good and excited to still be in show and have a spot in the finale.

2} making it this far, I feel like a winner already.

3} if I win the show I will use the cash price to support my mum's church ministry.

4} the condition of my mum church is bad and not conducive. I will invest my winnings in her church and make it comfortable for worship.

5} I would also like to travel around the world and create a platform where people can learn from me.

6} I was not in any relationship before coming into the house.

7} NINI's disappearance really touched me and i felt emotionally disorganized.

8} I really care about Angel a lot an do hope she doesn't get evicted this weekend.

Cc: @bigbronaija
🎥🎥: Channel 198 on DSTV


More Updates: https://www.gbextra.com.ng/?s=bbnaija

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