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It’s Insulting To Compare Me With Hushpuppi. He Could Never Achieve What I Achieved — Invictus Obi
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It’s Insulting To Compare Me With Hushpuppi. He Could Never Achieve What I Achieved — Invictus Obi

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uk: It’s Insulting To Compare Me With Hushpuppi. He Could Never Achieve What I Achieved — Invictus Obi 2021-09-29 06:07:53am
Convicted Nigerian fraudster, Obinwanne Okeke aka Invictus Obi, who is currently serving a 10-year jail term in the United States for wire fraud, has said it is insulting comparing him with another Nigerian Ramon Abass aka Hushpuppi, who is facing similar charges in the US.

In a recent interview with renowned Crime Journalist, David Pright, Okeke said: “It’s insulting. Me and Hushpuppi are not on the same level. Hushpuppi could never achieve what I achieved.

He cannot run a business and we are not similar in any way. He was out to please the crowd, I was out to change lives, create jobs and conquer the business world. I have done so much for my community back home with my charity foundation, which lives has he helped? Nobody.”

Asked if he disliked Hushpuppi, he responded, “No I have never met him, but I just find the continued comparison very annoying. Our impact on the world is very different. I have made a much more positive contribution to society than he has.”

On how his journey into fraud started, he said: “I was doing a little here and there but the level changed through this one particular friend I used to look up to. I visited him one day and he was living very comfortably with 3 new cars and a huge house at a young age.

When at his house I noticed him on a website that was selling crypto and bank logins. From there I got introduced to other money making schemes that got me where I am today.”

On his regrets, he said: “If I was a little more patient, I could have achieved everything I achieved in business by not rushing to get startup capital the way I did, however hopefully I can be a lesson to the younger generation that may be tempted to take the quick route in life.

Pick your role models wisely, look up to great leaders and people of good character that look after their communities and families. Believe and you will achieve. Also remember life is a marathon not a sprint.” Credit: Yahoo News/David Pright

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