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“Whitemoney Is A Big Time Ashewo But He’s Using Sense And Maturity” – Nini
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“Whitemoney Is A Big Time Ashewo But He’s Using Sense And Maturity” – Nini

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uk: “Whitemoney Is A Big Time Ashewo But He’s Using Sense And Maturity” – Nini 2021-09-29 17:18:33pm

Before her eviction last Sunday, Nini has referred to Whitemoney and Emmanuel as womanizers.

While the housemates were discussing about their respective attributes, Nini opinined that the four housemates she considers to be flirtatious are Whitemoney, Pere, Emmanuel and Cross.

Nini told her colleagues that Whitemoney is a big time “ashewo” or womanizer, but he is very mature. She said Pere is second, after Whitemoney.

Nini also said that Cross is better than Emmanuel because he is open and he doesn’t hide who he is. She however alleged that Emmanuel is an underground womanizer. Angel also supported her opinion.

Omo Nini no get joy at all.😂

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