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What You Need To Know About Kissing
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What You Need To Know About Kissing

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uk: What You Need To Know About Kissing 2021-09-29 19:28:33pm

1. Kissing is not just meant for sex

2. You can tell how your spouse feels about you through the kiss. Are you being kissed back?

3. Kisses are a good thermometer to gauge your spouse's emotions. If your spouse is emotionally not OK, it will reflect on the kiss

4. After talking about issues, kiss each other. Kissing helps to heal

5. Kissing is good for intimacy as it says what words can't

6. Kissing invites love making. If you want more love making, kiss more

7. If you want to be kissed, maintain good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least two times a day

8. If you want to be kissed, watch what you say and your tone. Lips that say hurtful things are not desirable

9. After lovemaking, before you black out and sleep, kiss your spouse. It shows affection and that you were not just after an orgasm

10. Randomly kiss your spouse. Surprise kisses are sweet

11. Relax when kissing. There is a difference between being passionate and being forceful

12. Flow with your spouse's rythm. Get to learn if your spouse likes tongue kissing or not. Make it enjoyable

13. Gentlemen, the more a woman is kissed the more she feels wanted and desired. Kissing is part of the watering that makes her feel special

14. Learn to kiss more than the lips. Kiss your spouse's forehead, cheeks, closed eyes, back, arms, hips. It brings you two closer

15. As you explore your spouse's body with kisses, you will unearth secrets about your spouse's body that were unknown. The skin is your ticket.

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