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Palliative Works To Commence At Umuahia-Ikwuano-Ikot Ekpene Road Next Week — Hon. Onuigbo
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Palliative Works To Commence At Umuahia-Ikwuano-Ikot Ekpene Road Next Week — Hon. Onuigbo

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uk: Palliative Works To Commence At Umuahia-Ikwuano-Ikot Ekpene Road Next Week — Hon. Onuigbo 2021-10-02 12:52:01pm

Member representing Ikwuano/Umuahia North/South Federal Constituency, Hon. Sam Onuigbo has hinted that palliative measures on the collapsed sections of the Umuahia-Ikwuano-Ikot Ekpene Road are scheduled to commence next week. The emergency works are targeted at ameliorating the sufferings commuters face along the federal expressway.

He made this assurance in a chat with IgbereTV on Saturday.

While stating that the road has been a source of concern to him, the federal lawmaker further assured that the main work which will permanently solve the challenges faced by commuters will also commence in no distant future.

Earlier in a statement, while highlighting that the road has remained top in his representative agenda, Hon. Onuigbo said the journey for the reconstruction of the road began in 2016 immediately after he was elected to represent the people.

The lawmaker while chronicling his efforts to bring succour to users of the road said remedial works have been previously carried out on the road to make it passable to commuters, ending the era of using the Ikwueke, Amizi, and Oloko axis by commuters to access Akwa Ibom as was the case before he was elected.

He further noted that he has been in constant touch with the Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola whose office is in charge of federal roads across the country in an effort to permanently fix the road to end the misery the people pass through.

Read the full statement below:

I am usually the kind of person who prefers to do my work in silence and let the results speak for themselves. On several occasions, my team has gone public only when our relentless and quiet efforts have produced the desired results. But the current situation demands that I highlight our efforts at addressing the reconstruction of the Umuahia-Ikwuano-Ikot Ekpene Federal Road.

When I was elected to represent the good people of Ikwuano/Umuahia North/South Federal Constituency in 2015, the Umuahia-Ikwuano-Ikot Ekpene Federal Road was completely impassable such that commuters intent on accessing Akwa Ibom (and indeed some parts of Ikwuano) through the road had to pass through Ikwueke, Amizi, and Oloko, to look for alternative routes. It was a burden I came into office with and it was one of the first issues I addressed.

Series of engagements by me with the then Honourable Minister of Power, Works, and Housing, and currently the Minister of Works and Housing, His Excellency, Babatunde Raji Fashola began as far back as June 2016. Then, my first request, supported by pictorial evidence was for the Federal Government to rehabilitate the failed sections of the road so that the road can become passable. My second request was for the Federal Government to bring to an end the yearly ritual of palliative works on the road as it was no longer working and award the road for total reconstruction. HE Fashola agreed with me that the road was in bad shape and directed that FERMA should carry out palliative works on the road. The palliative works were done between December 2016 and April 2017. For a moment, our people heaved a sigh of relief.

The Honourable Minister also agreed with me that it was important to award the road for reconstruction. I continued to engage with him until the award of the contract for reconstruction in 2019 to Messrs Hartland Nigeria Limited/Raycon Nigeria Limited. The contractors mobilized to site late 2019 and started work. Unfortunately, due to non-provision of adequate funds by the Federal Government, they have pulled out.

It is important to place on record that from the moment the contractors started work till today, I have not relented in following up and calling for more funding to be made available to them. That is my work as your representative and that is what I have persistently done at great cost to me. The attached letters will show the persistent pressure I have mounted on the office of the Honourable Minister concerning this road. Similarly, I have also written to and met with the Managing Director of FERMA and other Directors in a bid to find temporary solutions while the reconstruction work is ongoing. I do not intend to stop mounting pressure until something is done. As the dry season sets in, it is my belief that FERMA would be able to quickly carry out palliative works on the failed sections again, while the contractors return to site.

The attached letters fill in the gaps from decisions made at my meetings with the Honourable Minister, and chronicle a journey which began in June 2016 (resulting in the rehabilitation of the failed portions of the road and the award of the contract for the total reconstruction of the road) and is still ongoing as I continue to mount the necessary pressure to see that this road is totally reconstructed.

I felt it was necessary to brief you all on our efforts so that you are assured that I have never and will never stop prioritizing your welfare. Leadership is a call to service and what gives me immense joy is to be able to serve you to the best of my ability and to the glory of God.

God will continue to guide and bless us.

Rep Sam Onuigbo
Odozi Obodo

Honorable Member representing Ikwuano/Umuahia North/South Federal Constituency,

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