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Ways To Avoid Being Scammed!!!
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Ways To Avoid Being Scammed!!!

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uk: Ways To Avoid Being Scammed!!! 2021-10-04 12:41:22pm
Must we give a reason for scammers to continue scamming us?

The insensitive increase in scamming activities over the decades has been on the increase in most parts of the world.
People have attributed this increase to several factors and yet, despite the awareness gathered, the trend still strives.

One will be eager to ask ways scammers get this done and the ways are:
1. Through your contacts
2. Through social media platforms
3. Through manipulating your electronic mails (email)

Following the increase in this, it is important and necessary to avoid this by;

1. Pray to God for you not to be a Victim
2. Always do well to avoid too good to be true messages of you winning a prize for what you are sure you never applied for
2. Emails that are linked with your financial affairs should not be used on almost all platforms and links.
3. When you do POS transactions or purchase, ensure you are conscious there are no smart play with your credit or debit cards.
4. Be updated about the lattest trends and techniques been used by scammers in everyday life.
5. Never let greed control you, as greed makes you prone to been scammed.
6. Mind those who you give your phones to make calls and contacts to people you don't know.
7. ALways be conscious, or better still, avoid connecting with Wifi networks as this is a means of extracting your data.
8. Always remember to log off your personal accounts (emails, social media) etc. when you use public cafe' and
9. Report any problem associated with the loss of any of your financial institutions to your banks.
10. Be able to patiently read terms and conditions before saying yes or accepting terms and conditions sent to you.
11. Be able to cross-check emails sent to your phones regarding your financial statements as the messages are clone to,
resemble your banks, but rather having slight changes mostly at the middles with one word having different fonts.
N/B: Be responsible and protect yourself from being scammed!!!!!!
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