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Bank Staff Arrested For Staging His Own Robbery While With His Employer’s N3m Cash
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Bank Staff Arrested For Staging His Own Robbery While With His Employer’s N3m Cash

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uk: Bank Staff Arrested For Staging His Own Robbery While With His Employer’s N3m Cash 2021-10-05 13:34:38pm
Police operatives in Ogun State have arrested one Olagoke Dare, a staff of a microfinance bank in Abeokuta, for allegedly planning with his accomplice to rob him of his employer’s N3million.

The command’s spokesperson, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, in a statement said the suspect was arrested following a distress call received by the police at Ibara divisional headquarters, that armed robbers have attacked the duo of Olagoke Dare and Mary Agbejo while coming out of a commercial bank at Oke-ilewo area, where they had gone to withdraw money.

Arriving the scene, the police arrested one Idowu Tunde with a mock gun. During interrogation, he confessed that it was Olagoke Dare who informed him that his employer will be sending him and one other person to withdraw the said sum, and that they should come and rob them of the money.

The arrested suspect stated further that it was the same Dare Olagoke who gave him the toy pistol for the operation. And that while Dare and his other colleague were in the Bank, he had already hidden in their car which was deliberately left open by Dare in accordance with their plan.

While they got into the car, Idowu Tunde explained that he came out suddenly from the back seat and pointed the gun at the lady who was in possession of the money. But the lady noticed that the gun did not look Original consequent upon which she dragged the gun with him and raised alarm.

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