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Teni Rewards Fan With 500k At Lagos Event
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Teni Rewards Fan With 500k At Lagos Event

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uk: Teni Rewards Fan With 500k At Lagos Event 2021-10-05 13:58:24pm
Nigerian singer, Teniola Apata, who is fondly called Teni The Entertainer by her fans has made headlines after she rewarded a fan with 500 thousand naira at a Lagos event.

The video of Teni went viral earlier after she made one of her fans half a million richer unexpectedly. It would seem as though there was a game that they – the fans all participated in and the said fan emerged the lucky winner.

The winner, a female screamed atop of her voice, while she danced around the stage and gave Teni a hug.

Teni has always been a giver and has shown love to fans by randomly doing giveaways and all that, to show appreciation. You will recall that she once rewarded an Instagram skit maker’s mum with 100,000 just for getting the lyrics of her song right.

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