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Bandits Adopt Thuraya Phones As Govt Shut Down Mobile Networks
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Bandits Adopt Thuraya Phones As Govt Shut Down Mobile Networks

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uk: Bandits Adopt Thuraya Phones As Govt Shut Down Mobile Networks 2021-10-06 00:21:17am
Bandits are now using the network service of Niger Republic to coordinate attacks, according to Aminu Almustapha Gobir, member representing Sabon Birni North Constituency in the Sokoto House of Assembly.

As part of measures to check banditry, the Nigerian government had shut down telecommunication services in three states – Sokoto, Zamfara and Katsina.

This had reportedly cut off communication between bandits and their informants.

But as a means of circumventing the security measure, bandits have now resorted to using the telecom service of the neighbouring country which shares border with Nigeria through Sokoto.

“This is why I faulted the government for shutting GSM network in the eastern part of the state without a serious military operation taking place there.

“The bandits are now using Nigerien network to communicate within themselves and perpetrate their heinous activities in the area.

“I expect our Governor to provide Divisional Police Officers and the military deployed to Sokoto East with Thuraya phone which could enable them to communicate within themselves and with their superior officers if they need help since there is no GSM network.

“This is what the Governor of Zamfara did and it’s paying off positively,” he said


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