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Psych Ops: Government Sponsored Media Propaganda In Nigeria.
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Psych Ops: Government Sponsored Media Propaganda In Nigeria.

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uk: Psych Ops: Government Sponsored Media Propaganda In Nigeria. 2021-10-06 00:43:29am

Do you know why all Nigeria news media was paid to carry this news?
They want to set the people against the people. They want to claim that an IPOB member was lynched to death for trying to enforce the sit at home as to tell some foools that they can mobilise against IPOB. They want also to present it as if the people are against the sit at home. This is the same sit at home that was concealed and the people kept it moving. So tell me how such can be possible? If someone was killed, then government agencies killed him. They have killed many innocent people and tagged them unknown Gunmen.

Some has been arrested and tagged unknown Gunmen. Imagine that they killed* them without us hearing from them.
Some people will be thinking after reading this lie that the people have risen against IPOB. This is how media works on the psych of the people. They can make you kill your own brother and save your oppressors.

If the people needs someone to lyn.ch it should be the oppressors that have looted them and caused numerous deaths and hardship for them through bad roads. If the people wants to lyn.ch, it should be those using the military to kill youths protesting with Nigeria flags and singing national anthem.

Biafrans beware. IPOB is the PEOPLE and the people is IPOB. The people can't rise up against the people. Should any group rise up against freedom fighters, instead of going after our collective oppressors, then they are calling for something disastrous.
We will keep decoding the lies of Nigeria government and their media.

You must remain strong at this time. If you hear that a market was burn.t to enforce sit at home, then know that government agents did it. No Igbo will burn their own market. It is always the dubious government. These people are evil. We must not succumb to their evil lies. We must remain strong and determined.

- Elochukwu Ohagi
(Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.)


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