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Don't Be Distracted By IPOB, Other Agitations, Arthur Eze Tells Buhari
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Don't Be Distracted By IPOB, Other Agitations, Arthur Eze Tells Buhari

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uk: Don't Be Distracted By IPOB, Other Agitations, Arthur Eze Tells Buhari 2021-10-06 00:48:10am
Oil tycoon and businessman, Prince Arthur Eze has advised Muhammadu Buhari not to be distracted by separatist agitations by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and other groups in the country.

Rather, he said the president should remain focused in his resolve to move the nation to greater heights.

The businessman urged Nigerians to always preach peace as against hate, and draw lessons from countries suffering the effect of war.

He pledged loyalty and commitment to the unity, peace and indivisibility of Nigeria, urging President Buhari to stay focused and not be distracted by agitations for separatism rocking some parts of the country.

The oil magnate said: “There are countless Igbos scattered around the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, who live happily in peace, and do their legitimate businesses without complaint of marginalisation.

“No matter what, let’s tolerate one another and always embrace the spirit of peace, forgiveness and reconciliation. God that brought us together has not made a mistake. I have no other country than Nigeria, let’s join hands and solve our problems ourselves.”

Eze commended the President on the successes recorded in the north-east where Boko Haram fighters are surrendering in droves, urging more efforts in the North-West against bandits and other criminals.

He also praised President Buhari on the infrastructural development in the south-east, particularly the second Niger Bridge, which has attained about 70 per cent completion and slated for commissioning before the end of 2022.

He advised the government to give more opportunities to local outfits like the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Corporation to print election ballot papers, sensitive security documents, certificates, local, state and federal government revenue and treasury receipts, passports, and others, since it had the capacity to do so.

Responding, President Buhari thanked Eze for visiting and for his good wishes for the country and government at all times.


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