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Insecurity: Call Out The Leaders Not Faceless Unknown Gunmen - Awurum
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Insecurity: Call Out The Leaders Not Faceless Unknown Gunmen - Awurum

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uk: Insecurity: Call Out The Leaders Not Faceless Unknown Gunmen - Awurum 2021-10-06 20:07:11pm
Insecurity: Call Out the Leaders Not Faceless Unknown Gunmen - Awurum

I don't support the burning of Uncle Joe Igbokwe's house in his country home, Anambra State, by whosoever contracted, for whatever political reasons, or by whichever group of people, but, it still boils down to the same thing I have been saying over the months.

E be like say wetin I de see na only me de see am.

Should I tell you? It will literally degenerate to something worse than what it is now, if those their attention is needed are still playing a hide-and-seek game. Remember, it was just a flame when I started calling us to address the matter.

The Newspaper Attached to this post is a Publication by Mr. Igbokwe many years ago, telling the world how the Igbos are going to pick up their Biafran Guns if the marginalization of the Igbos continues.

Dear Uncle Joe, you were right. Are Igbos not presently marginalized, sir? So, what changed? Why did Mr. Igbokwe take a U-turn against his stand over the marginalization of the Igbos?

The answer is, he has been settled. Once you raise alarm from the East, they call you to the table and you keep quiet.

For those coming to this platform to tell us how we should condemn the activities of Unknown Gunmen yen yen yen, shey brother ya werey ni? Abi your sense de pain you like this? Shey una don ment finish for this blue app abi?

Uncle Joe did exactly as you have been advising, and this is the result.

Someone is having malaria, (iba or akom) instead of getting him medical attention, you are asking him to be a man and stop shivering.

Before you tell Igbo youths to rise up and fight the monsters our political leaders created, where are their sons and daughters standing kwanu?

Shey una don mad finish for here come no get sense again, abi?

Once I see the sons and daughters of Uzodimma, sons and daughters of Umahi, sons and daughters of Ugwuani, sons and daughters of Ikpeazu, sons and daughters of Obiano, sons and daughters of Okorocha, sons and daughters of Araraume, sons and daughters of Ihedioha, sons and daughters of Orji Uzor Kalu, sons and daughters of T.A Orji, sons and daughters of Ekweremadu, sons and daughters of Ogbnnaya Onu, sons and daughters Nawjiuba, sons and daughters of Uche Ogha, sons and daughters of Iwuanyanwu, Ifeanyi Ubah, Andy Ubah, Abaribe, Chris Ngige and the rest of other sons and daughters whose Parents have benefited one way or another from the Kpukpukpuogele politics of Nigeria against the Igbos, standing up in front of their fathers against the "Unknown Gunmen", and using their platforms to condemn Unknown Gunmen with their full chest, we will join them.

But for now, you really de ment if you think I will cast aspersions on gun wielding angry young men their anger is justified even though their actions may be unjustifiable.

Nwanne, all man for him own o, be responsible for what you say, I will be responsible for mine. No come de advise me like a motivational speaker.

The next is state of emergency, everyone go collect, whichever way. You be APC or PDP no dey am.

Keep blaming Faceless Unknown Gunmen instead of calling out leaders you can identify, to wedge in and resolve the matter.

By Darlington Awurum

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