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There Is Nothing Like Yoruba — Reno Omokri
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There Is Nothing Like Yoruba — Reno Omokri

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uk: There Is Nothing Like Yoruba — Reno Omokri 2021-10-07 02:41:35am
“My language (Itsekiri) is one the purest forms of the original Edekiri language that has been bastardised into what is now loosely referred to as Yoruba. There is nothing like Yoruba. Yoruba is a word from a very derogatory name which the Fulani called the people of the ancient Oyo empire when they were raiding them as slaves.

In his memoirs, Ajayi Crowther revealed that after he was raided from his village in Osogun (in present day Oyo state) by Fulani slave raiders (different from slave traders), he could not understand the Egba or Awori language.

Before colonialism you were either Oyo, Egba, Ondo, Awori, Owu, Ekiti, Ijebu, and so on. Nobody was identified as Yoruba.

It was the British, who in search of an ethnic identity for the Omo Oduduwa, took the derogatory word Yar’iba, and mispronounced it as Yoruba with the help of Ajayi Crowther.

Modern day Yoruba is just a patois of many Edekiri languages (Egba, Ondo, Ekiti, Owu, etc). The patios originated in Lagos when the different Edekiri peoples converged there when Lagos became a British colony on March 5, 1862.

While the original name for their language group is Edekiri, the actual name for the people now referred to as ‘Yoruba’ or the Omo Oduduwa, is omoluabi, which is a word that evolved from omo-ti-olu-iwa-bi, meaning the child that the lord of character begat.

Many people, including many modern day Yoruba speakers, think that Oluwa means Lord. No it does not. Oluwa connotes Lord, but it does not mean lord. It means Lord of Iwa, meaning character, or good morals. Olu Iwa. Iwa was a place. Just like Olu of Warri. It is believed that Olu Iwa was the biblical Noah, who was the father of Ham, who was the progenitor of the Black Race.”


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