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Criminology Is Related To Law.
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Criminology Is Related To Law.

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uk: Criminology Is Related To Law. 2021-10-07 10:20:21am
Criminology is related to law. In fact they're almost same thing.
It is the study of Crime, the causes of Crime, prevention of Crime and its punishment.

It is a broad course that has so many subdivisions or courses under it for example:
Forensic science examination and management.
Human right
Court proceedings
Nigeria Court systems and its application.

In a nutshell, Criminologists are trained to handle Criminal cases in the society and also take proactive majors to prevent crimes in the society.

Criminals Justice System which made up Police, Court and Prison is one of the major concerns of Criminologists.

After the study of Criminology, the person is certified to Work with, Force, Military, Parliamentary and Criminal Justice System.

Note! All these consist of Police, Soldier, Correctional officer, Custom Officer, Naval officer, Road Safety, Fire services.

Then, the person can also work in an airport, Immigration, Embassy, also as a private or Government investigator or detective.
In Banks( in the department of of internal audit bcs we study Forensic science audit) Private security management...like the ones we see in offices and banks e.g Halogen, Kings Guard etc.

Lastly, A Criminologist can also go into Criminal Law. As a lawyer.

J C Ogbonna.
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