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"I'm A Real Hot Girl" - Angel's Mother Brags As She Shows Off Dance Moves
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"I'm A Real Hot Girl" - Angel's Mother Brags As She Shows Off Dance Moves

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uk: "I'm A Real Hot Girl" - Angel's Mother Brags As She Shows Off Dance Moves 2021-10-07 22:48:25pm
A video making the rounds on social media has captured the moment Angel's mother, Titi showed off her dance moves.

The mother of one shared the video on her Instagram story where she described herself as a "real hot girl mummy".

This comes shortly after she slammed a media troll who said she didn't give her daughter, Angel adequate home training.

The exchange came as a result of the Question and Answer session she had on her Instagram page where she replied to some questions thrown at her by her followers.

In the course of this, a follower asked, "Why didn't you give your daughter good home training?" reacting to this, she wrote "Perfect human when you born your own train am well and stop judging"
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