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Why Can*abis Cannot Be Legalised In Nigeria Now — NDLEA
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Why Can*abis Cannot Be Legalised In Nigeria Now — NDLEA

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uk: Why Can*abis Cannot Be Legalised In Nigeria Now — NDLEA 2021-10-09 03:18:05am
Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Brigadier-General Buba Marwa, has explained why canabis cannot be legalised in Nigeria right now.

Speaking at an event in Akure, Ondo State, the NDLEA Chief Executive said, the proliferation of illicit dr
gs often engenders a pattern of crime, chos and conflct. In the advanced world, it is the driver of high crime rate and vilent kllings in the inner cities. In developing or Third World countries, it is the escalator of strife, pogroms and civil wr, and has played a big role in countries trn to pieces by tribal war.

According to Femi Babafemi, NDLEA’s spokesperson, Marwa said, “We have seen narco-terrorism in countries like Colombia and Mexico where drg cartels are law unto themselves and are as powerful, if not more powerful, than the State. So, there are real cases, not scenarios, of where and how illicit substances played a role in a societys rapid descent into chaos and tettering on the brink of a failed state.
So the pertinent question for us today is: Has dr
gs played any role in the festering insecurity in Nigeria? The answer is yes. Of this we have ample evidence.

Considering the intractable burden of insecurity facing the country, we do not have the luxury of allowing a narcotic economy to take root and thrive in our society. Africa, nay, Nigeria has enough problems without adding the burden of narco-terrorism.

Of all the known illicit substances, canabis sativa is the only one that is native to Nigeria and it is the most absed of all illicit drgs, and from the findings of the National drg Survey of 2018, cannabis is becoming a national albatross.

As far as NDLEA is concerned, can*abis remains an illicit substance. The Agency shall always canvass against its cultivation, possession, trafficking and sales, and use. And offenders will face the wrath of the law. And,if I may add, our conviction rate is 90% successful

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