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Obi Cubana Voted 2021 Man Of The Year
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Obi Cubana Voted 2021 Man Of The Year

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uk: Obi Cubana Voted 2021 Man Of The Year 2021-10-09 14:13:17pm
BREAKING!!! Obi Cubana Voted 2021 Man of the Year

A renowned Nigerian businessman, entertainer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, Chief Obinna Iyiegbu popularly known as Obi Cubana has been voted by well meaning Nigerians both at home and in Diaspora as 2021 Man of the Year.

Obi Cubana was voted by Nigerians ahead of three other nominees: Governor Seyi Makinde Of Oyo State, Tony Elumelu, Chairman UBA Group, and Abdul Rabiu, Chairman and founder of BUA Group.

The popular philanthropist emerged winner with 2,667,845 votes while other nominees secured the following votes:

Seyi Makinde

1,015,224 votes

Tony Elumelu

848,652 votes

Abdul Rabiu

819,562 votes

Chief Obi Cubana is from Oba, a community in Idemili-South Local Government Area in Anambra State, Nigeria is renowned for his uncommon philanthropy and humanitarian service.

He is said to have empowered more youths than most other Nigerians of his status.

He was recently reported to have empowered 300 young business boys and girls with N1m each after his viral mother's burial.

The prestigious award, organized by IgbereTV is endorsed by African Union, African Film Institute.

The 2021 edition, the third in a row, is scheduled to hold on 2nd November, 2021 at Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotel and Towers Abuja.

The event will witness glitz and glamour as array of reputable persons in the political and corporate Nigeria will attend.

Igbere TV Awards recognises and honours the outstanding impacts of leaders across both the public and private sectors in Nigeria.

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