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Killing Of Ikonso And Abduction Of Kanu Have Caused More Harm Than Good - Atasie
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Killing Of Ikonso And Abduction Of Kanu Have Caused More Harm Than Good - Atasie

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uk: Killing Of Ikonso And Abduction Of Kanu Have Caused More Harm Than Good - Atasie 2021-10-10 13:00:20pm
Ever since the killing of Ikonso and the Arrest of Mazi Nnamdi kanu,south East have never know peace...Blood shed everyday!!🥺....Mothers loosing there kids and husbands... Government properties and infrastructures going down daily.

Now Same People have turn their face on veteran,Actor CHIWETALU AGU and rearrested him after millitary torture and unlawful arrest against his will as a Nigerian citizen....A myopic Government have fueled another disaster again by holding down a public figure and a senior citizen of the country...Someone who made our child hood memories... A grand in the intertainment industry.

Du-mp and shameless government who only exercise power with their citizens but weak in battle when confronting Bokoharam and terrorists.

Government that behead their own citizens and deny it.😭(lekki toll gate massacre)

Government that break laws and deny citizens their human right.🥺

I think they have made their own bomb they should expect the explosion if they keep breaking laws and raping citizens their right.

Once you enter Nigeria you authomatically loose your right as citizen..This is how far our Government have brought is low.

Shame on you Eastern Governors and leaders 😣......Y'all have sold our dignitys and right...Even the gods can't wait for your doom.

A nation without a prophet! Even the ones who try to speak are currently cooling off in jail.

At this point you are loosing it...Your government is bleeding...Your armies are weak...Your people are dying with the same sword you made... You're gradually becoming a thing of mockery....One day a greater armies from a different nation will see your weakness and rise Against you and match you down..You keep showing the world that you can even eat your own and drink their bl00d.

The whole world is watching and it is sad that confrontation and humiliation will not end this menace...Only peace and due process can end this.

I pray the Government should see the disaster ahead of them....No head deserve to fall!!🙏

©️ Wisdom.c.atasie

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